We specialize in precision welding and pipefitting.

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Welding & Fabrication Services

JLM Advanced Technical Services, a Triosim Company, offers welding and fabrication services that are available to all Triosim divisions and clients nationwide.

For many years, JLM’s Weldco Services group has been a premier provider of turnaround welding services and shop fabrications available in the welding and pipe fabrication industry. Located in Panama City, Florida, JLM’s welding and fabrication services provides precision welding and fabrication serves to customers in all areas of the United States. 

JLM Welding and Fabrication Services, combined with the expertise of other Triosim companies, offers clients a full range of skills and services necessary to perform any degree of turnaround, maintenance, in field services, or construction work. We are fully equipped to handle all your welding and pipe fabrication needs and although we specialize in custom welding and piping, we also offer an array of custom fabrication services.

JLM Welding and Fabrication Services has the capability to produce highly specialized, unique mechanical components and assemblies with unmatched precision. This includes all types of metal structures and fabrications, piping, hangers and supports, platforms and handrails, equipment stands and bases. If you can dream it, JLM Welding and Fabrication Services can fabricate it.

Contact us to find out how our welding & fabrication services can enhance your productivity and efficiency.