Southern Specialty Services LLC Completes Acquisition of Oramac

Further to the announcement on June 29, 2017, Southern Specialty Services LLC, a provider of Woven Fabrics, FRP rebuilds and Pulp Mill services to the pulp and paper industry, has completed its acquisition of Oramac Inc.  We are happy the transaction is final and Oramac is now officially part of the Southern Specialty Services family.

The acquisition of Oramac, a provider of quality Engineered Parts, upgrade solutions,  FRP rebuilds and Service to the pulp and paper Industry will substantially increase the combined Southern Specialty Service / Oramac offering of products and services to our customers, elevating us to the world’s leader of FRP Washers.  FRP Drum rebuilds, spare parts, engineered upgrades, face wires, installation services all within one team.


Thank you to the dedicated employees of Oramac and Southern who have worked hard to make this transaction possible. We are very pleased to be able to add these great people to our team.

Thank you also to the customers of Oramac who have quickly accepted this new partnership. These customers see that the Southern and Oramac team is uniquely positioned to be a world class leader in the pulp and paper industry by selling quality Oramac parts and providing first-class services.


For further information, please contact:


Southern Specialty Services, LLC – Tel: +1 (870) 628-5314

Oramac – Tel: +1 (360) 694-0963

– Southern Specialty Services, LLC