Rolls Serviced
Our 39,000 sq. ft. facility has the capacity to service rolls of all sizes.

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Rolls Serviced

Fertilla has the capacity and capability to service for a variety of rolls from a wide range of
industries. We provide comprehensive roll services to the following:

  • Applicator rolls
  • Back-up rolls
  • Calendar rolls
  • Chill rolls
  • Coater rolls
  • Compaction rolls
  • Dryer drums
  • Felt rolls
  • Idler rolls
  • Nip rolls
  • Press rolls
  • Reel spools
  • Slitter anvil rolls
  • Squeeze rolls
  • Suction rolls
  • Wire drive rolls
  • Wire guide rolls
  • Wire take-up rolls
  • And many others

Contact us to find out how we can serve your roll needs.