Suction Rolls
Efficient suction rolls are critical to production.

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Suction Rolls

Fertilla can repair or replace any OEM suction roll. Efficient suction rolls are essential to production.

The work will be inclusive, but not necessarily restricted to the following:
  1. Visual inspection of roll exterior upon receipt for signs of damage.
  2. Disassembly of front head and suction box from roll shell. (Note: Rear head is only removed if required to gain access to internal bearing or with customer’s approval.)
  3. Fully disassemble front (tending) end head and bearing assembly.
  4. Fully disassemble rear (drive) end bearing assembly.
  5. Fully disassemble internal bearing assembly.
  6. All bearings are visually inspected. A verbal report of the condition of the bearings is provided to customer following inspection.
  7. All components disassembled are cleaned either by hand or high pressure system.
  8. Roll shells are pressure washed and dimensionally inspected on ID. After cleaning, holes will be visually inspected as to percentage of plugged holes. Note: Pressure washing of shell will not assure holes to be unplugged.
  9. Dimensionally inspect all journal and bearing housing fits for wear and condition.
  10. Front head and rear, if disassembled, will be measured and recorded for proper interference to shell.
  11. Head studs are visually inspected and checked for proper torque. Head studs will be retorqued, if required.
  12. Head stud nuts are replaced as required.
  13. All air and lube lines will be purged and checked for leaks.
  14. Check rotational worm gear and helical gear.
  15. Repair cracks in shower brackets.
  16. After roll is disassembled, cleaned and inspected, if any needed repairs are found, they will be detailed out, including estimated costs, for customer’s approval prior to work being performed.
  17. Replace following items with customer-supplied parts:

    1. Bearings and seals
    2. Bearing locknuts and washers
    3. Air load tubes and/or springs
    4. Seal strips and end deckles
    5. Shim packs
      Note: If customer directs, Fertilla will provide any or all of these items at an additional cost.
  18. Reassemble roll completely.
  19. Paint all non-paper contact external surfaces of assembled roll.
  20. A detailed written report consisting of all inspection reports (dimensional, bearing, etc.), repairs performed, any critical photographs, invoice breakdowns, grind and balance reports will be provided at a later date.
Additional Suction Roll Services:
  • Complete inspection by a Coldwater Seals Technician to provide the necessary data for the custom manufacturing of cold water Seals, End Deckles and Air Load Tubes.
  • Non-Destructive Testing of shells
  • Drill cleaning of plugged holes
  • Precision roll grinding
  • After grinding of brass or stainless steel roll face, remove front head and box and pressure wash shell and box to remove grinding residue to prevent damage to seal strips and load tubes.
  • Roll balancing
  • Bearing cleaning and inspections by professional bearing representatives

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