Maintenance and repair
Maintenance and repair keeps rolls running smoothly and efficiently.

Maintenance & Repair

In North American mills, the average roll is more than 20 years old – this is why roll repair and reconditioning is a large part of what we do. Many times when paper makers encounter roll problems they just learn to deal with it – Fertilla can re-engineer and upgrade your rolls to improve their design, performance and productivity.

Our roll repair services include:
  • Journal repair – machining/grinding/brush-plating/thermal arc
  • Journal/head replacement
  • Component manufacturing – housings, caps, end covers, labyrinths, shell extension rings, hubs
  • Full speed multi-plane balancing
  • Roll modification and engineering
  • Complete new roll manufacturing
Our roll maintenance services include:
  • Check balance and TIR’s
  • Full disassembly
  • Journal, Head
  • Shell non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Journal data sheet
  • Shell data sheet
  • Hot solvent wash and bead blast parts
  • Housing data sheet
  • Bearing data sheet
  • Paint with mill specifications
  • Vibration analysis

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